Get To Know Sami Khal

Sami Khal is an average American. When Sami's parents made the decision to move their family to America, it was with the hope that they could work hard and prosper, to provide their children with a better life and opportunities that they would not have had elsewhere in the world. Sami has worked hard to support his family, just like so many people in this amazing country. Sami believes that the American dream is at risk of being lost for his children and yours. That is why Sami finally made the decision to run for Congress.

Sami loves to be active. He spent many years of his youth training in martial arts and loves the sport of target shooting. There were many painful lessons along the way!

Sami Khal worked His way through college and graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration. Karen, Sami's wife, is also a UNLV Alumni. Sami's children are following in their parents' footsteps: Courtney graduated from UNLV and works in the Clark County School District. Kathleen and Janie are currently attending UNLV

Let's give Congress a Khal. Sami Khal for Nevada Congress, with your help.