While the ACA offers a few needed measures such as; portability, guaranteed coverage and the option of keeping children covered under their parents' policy, these items could be covered within the context of a few pages. Instead, we have a monstrous bill that has over 2,700 pages. What laws and bureaucracy are in the remaining pages of the ACA? The negative impact on small business has been disastrous. In an effort to save money employers have reduced their full time employee base in order to avoid paying for their employees' health care coverage. This has resulted in far too many people juggling two jobs and two schedules; plus they still do not have employer provided health care coverage. Instead, they are left with the ACA, which has outrageous deductibles so high that the average American still can't afford to get sick.

As was stated by some of the proponents of the ACA, "we have to pass the bill to see what's in the bill!". That is like buying a car without even taking a look at the car, let alone having a mechanic inspect the car first. The ACA needs a massive overhaul. I promise to lead the fight to fix the Affordable Care Act.

Why are our borders still wide open? Why is the focus on keeping Syrian refugees out under the guise of securing America? ISIS does not have to sneak in with the Syrian refugees, they can just walk in like so many illegal aliens are doing right now. We need to secure our border now, by placing our military bases on our own borders.

If you are not aware of the origin of ISIS, I strongly recommend you do your own research, and don't rely on the main stream media. The countries that have been supporting ISIS include Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Jordan, Israel and many others. Among those who supported ISIS are many politicians right here in our very own America. The hypocrisy regarding the Syrian refugees can be likened to lighting a house on fire, then pushing the occupants back into the house as they try to flee. The logic is mind boggling. Due to our foreign policy, many of our own politicians are responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of men, women and children. Too many politicians no longer represent you and me. Instead, they represent political action committees and lobbyists who don't care about you and me.

Small business is the key to a strong economy. Our tax system needs a total overhaul along with the (not so) Affordable Care Act in order to get our economy moving toward a full recovery.

We must lead the world with a strong military. Our men and women deserve to be better served both on the battlefield and in civilian life. How can anyone justify having our armed services personnel waiting weeks and months for medical attention due to budget constraints when we give billions of dollars away every year to foreign countries?

If everyone managed their personal finances like the Federal Government, most would be thrown in jail for fraud. How can we continue to give away money we don't have? We need representatives who know how to balance a budget. The Federal Government needs to run like a not-for-profit business. Our children deserve to at least have an opportunity to live the American dream. Instead, many are graduating with thousands of dollars in debt, and no jobs. In order to fix our economy, we need to fix our budget and live within our means.