What You Can Do

Career politicians who are in bed with political action committees and lobbyists have the advantage. There is a candidate running for the same seat as Sami Khal that has already raised over $400,000. You can bet that he is 'married' to special interest groups who care more about their special interests than they care about you.

The average citizen doesn't have a chance to overcome the odds of defeating career politicians and the special interest groups that they represent. That is why I need your help with spreading my message of "Together we CAN fix our country". You can help by using social media, email and by having direct conversations within your realm of influence: your place of work, friends, neighbors and family. We have the right to VOTE. I encourage you to schedule time to vote during the upcoming primary. You can find the needed information here: http://nvsos.gov/Modules/ShowDocument.aspx?documentid=3783

Here is what you can do

Send in a video that we can use for my campaign! Be sure to tell everyone why you support Sami Khal for Congress! Send videos to khalfornevada@gmail.com

Send a friend request to Sami Khal for NEVADA Congress on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/SamiKhalforNevadaCongress

Share Sami Khal for Nevada Congress with your friends. Copy and paste this link and send your friends a direct message. http://khalfornevada.com/

Send your friends and family links of Sami Khal's website or specific video so they can learn more about why Sami needs their support!

Let's give Congress a Khal - Sami Khal for Nevada Congress District 3